On Transit

If you’re one of those average students then you’ll probably understand the roots of this concern about being on transit.

Public transportations are, of course, for everyone. Regardless of gender, status and career, if you are inside of the same vehicle that means you are on equal grounds. That being said, it is likely that you will encounter different types of smell and you should always bear in mind that foul odour is already a part of your everyday routine.

However, the concern doesn’t lie on the presence of foul odour. It is the opposite. Traveling in the morning is my favorite part of the day. It is on this time that people are still dandy and fresh. Fresh out of the shower and all that.

The problem lies with those that seem to have no moderation about their application of perfume. Applying cologne is not a necessity but it is something that most people do in order to make themselves presentable for others. Even I apply cologne from time to time.

Does it not annoy you, when you are enjoying the fresh smell of dew in the morning air and suddenly a sickly sweet smell of chocolate and strawberry erupts in your nasal passage?

Seriously, a few wisp here and there should be enough. There is not need for you to bathe yourself in perfume. And knowing that your cologne has a rather strong smell. Please be mindful of your application.


Before Class

Arriving early is something that is often pegged by many as an example of good character. However, I find it quite unnerving to sit in the classroom while waiting for the teacher to show up.

Don’t mistake me as one of those lonely students who have no friends. As a matter of fact, I have quite a number of them. I get along just fine with almost everyone and I am pretty extroverted.

Nevertheless, the feeling of uneasiness is there. No matter what I am doing, I can’t help but notice how others are doing something which differs from what I am doing.

Being one of those in the honor list, the type that distracts me the most, are those that seem to be always busy. Those that are writing profusely as if they are doing an activity which I am not aware of and those that scan through their phones while doing constant movement with their hands and legs as if agitated. However, when asked of what is going on they reply ‘nothing’.

Undoubtedly, they annoy me.